How to Embrace a Homegoing

How to Embrace a Homegoing

There are services that are called homegoing rather than funerals, because the service is based on the belief that the person is going home to the afterlife.


1. Happiness

Although you may feel the loss of a loved one or friend, you can choose to remember the happy times that you shared together. You can choose to remember the good things about that perso

n. You can cherish those memories.

2. Temporary body

You can know that the loved one or friend that passed away is no longer present in the body that you might view in the casket. Have you noticed at some funerals there may be pictures displayed and/or videos of past events that the loved one or friends shared? There is a reason for this. This helps to bring to remembrance the good times that were shared. For others that might be at the funeral that did not know the deceased well, it will give them a closer insight of the deceased person. I attended a home going where the mother did the resolution for her deceased son. She shared so many good aspects of her son with everyone there, I felt as though I truly new her son quite well, when in reality I did not.

3. Sickness and


Possibly the deceased person was sick and in pain before passing away. It will not do any good at this point to focus on their past sickness and pain, but rather focus on the good of that deceased person. Think about what you have to say that is good and positive about this person. Think about the times that you laughed and joked together.

4. Money

Money is a bartering tool. Money can mean a lot to the family of the deceased. Giving them extra money is a

way to show your love. Sometimes the decease may not have had insurance or sufficient insurance for burial. The money may definitely be appreciated by the family of the deceased.

5. Poems

Those that are good at writing poems please do so. These poems can be so inspirational and uplifting to the family. I once attended a home going where the deceased person had written her own poem. The poem was asking others not to cry for her, because she was at home now with her Lord Jesus. It was a very touching poem.

6. Songs

Singing songs of joy and that are inspirational for this homegoing is of utmost important, it is another way to say that you are happy they have gone home to be with their Lord Jesus. That is the greatest joy.

7. Remarks

Have you noticed at some funerals there is time for remarks from family and friends? This is a great time to tell about the good things you remember about the deceased. To tell about those funny events that you may have shared together. This is a time to laugh and rejoice rather than being sad. This is not to say that you may feel sad, because that is a part of the grieving process.

It may have been tradition for the family to wear black to the homegoing when their loved one passed away. Times have changed. You may now see family members wearing white.

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